The Challenge Framework is a new model for immersive cross-curricular learning, developed by experienced teachers and school leaders at Open Minds and Rotherham Underground.


The aims of the Framework are to:

    •    create a sense of real ownership of the learning

    •    submerge children in an immersive narrative

    •    develop interpersonal skills

    •    develop resilience and creativity


The framework builds on sound pedagogical and psychological development theories, placing the children in role as parts of a team as they meet a series of stimulating challenges.  It is inclusive and allows deep exploration of the curriculum.


The methods used have been thoroughly tried and tested in a number of schools with great success.  Case studies and testimonials are available.


We offer a number of bespoke packages that will suit any school’s needs.  These can include the following elements:

    •    Full Framework documentation, including sample planning.

    •    Team-teaching with one of our trainers.

    •    Delivery of units or aspects of units in your school by our practitioners.

    •    INSET (from Twilights to multi-day full training packages).

    •    Remote support.

    •    Consultancy.


Please contact for information or use the form below:

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